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  • WordPress
  • Front-End Development
  • Web Design
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Plant-Based Pies

Working with Cracked, a creative agency specialising in the food and drink industry, I developed a B2B website promoting plant-based pies.

The website is fully responsive and optimised for performance and rendering across all devices and viewports, with a custom CMS design tailored to the client’s content management requirements.

Website Performance

I implemented optimisations to ensure excellent website performance, including a custom plugin filtering WordPress plugin activity, to ensure scripts load only on pages where required.

This resulted in faster page load times and improved overall site performance – beneficial for user experience and SEO.

‘Pie Reveal’ Feature

I implemented a bespoke JavaScript-based feature on the homepage in which site visitors are able to drag a button horizontally to ‘open’ a pie from its packaging.

Design to Development

I accurately translated the design of the website into front-end code, which featured many overlapping elements positioned at unusual angles.

I was provided with desktop designs only, and was therefore responsible for creatively interpreting mobile and tablet layouts from these during the build.

Eco-Conscious Project

This project allowed me to apply my skills to an eco-conscious initiative – in this case helping to reduce meat consumption with meat-free alternatives.