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Revolutionising the Construction Industry

I independently designed and built the website for Hemspan, a construction company and supplier of eco-conscious building materials.

Hemspan aim to revolutionise the construction industry by offering sustainable alternatives to environmentally-harmful construction practices, as well as designing net zero carbon homes.

Hemspan’s focus on bio-based materials and modular approach to construction sets them apart as pioneers in their field, and working with them allowed me to apply my skills to a project aligned with my commitment to green initiatives.

Homepage Landing

Website Design and User Experience

My role involved developing the website from scratch based on provided text content. I designed and structured the website and user experience in a way that clearly communicates Hemspan’s mission and values.

Website Performance

I implemented optimisations to ensure excellent website performance, including a custom plugin filtering WordPress plugin activity, to ensure their scripts load only on pages where required. This resulted in faster page load times and improved overall site performance – beneficial for user experience and SEO.

Building Development Projects

Flexibility and Design Control

To provide Hemspan with full control over their website, I developed custom front-end modules.

These modules offer design flexibility, enabling Hemspan to easily customise and expand the website’s front-end to their needs, and to remain a dynamic and adaptable digital presence as their business evolves.

Enhanced Content Management Experience

I implemented customisations to the back-end of the website to provide a clutter-free content management experience for the client without unnecessary complexity.

The information architecture of the CMS is intended to be as simple to navigate as possible, with frequently visited admin pages elevated to the main menu to be quickly accessible. The back-end is also styled with the client’s brand colours and logo.

Content Management Interface: Default
Content Management Interface: Enhanced

E-commerce Integration

An important part of the website is the products area, where visitors can explore and purchase hemp-based building materials.

I integrated WooCommerce into the build of the shop, creating a user-friendly interface to enhance user experience and facilitate sales.

Product Item Pages

Thought Leadership and Industry Insights

To place Hemspan among the thought leaders in the construction industry, an engaging blog section was created.

This platform highlights industry news, trends, and Hemspan’s innovative approaches to sustainable construction.

Blog Index Page
Blog Articles