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Sara Cosgrove Studio


  • Team Solo Build
  • Team Solo Project
  • WordPress
  • Front-End Development
  • Web Design
  • Custom CMS Design
  • Database Management
  • UX Consultation
  • IA Design
  • Client Facing
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Website Creation for Interior Design and Architecture Studio

I collaborated with Sara Cosgrove Studio, an Interior Design and Architecture firm, to transform their online presence. The objective was to migrate data from their existing WordPress website to a newly developed platform that effectively showcased their premium interior design projects in the UK and beyond.

I took charge of designing and building their website using the text content provided by the client, and focused on devising an appropriate information architecture to effectively convey the company’s existing projects and services.


Conveying a Varied Creative Offering

As a method of orientating and engaging users, I aimed to give each page a distinct aesthetic tone to reflect the thematically distinct areas of the website and to engage users with varied layouts.

I felt this was an important way of reflecting the company’s diverse offerings in terms of creativity and services.

'Our Story' Page

Custom Front-End Modules for Flexibility

In order to provide the client with complete control over their website, I developed custom front-end modules.

These modules offer design flexibility, empowering the client’s team to easily customise and expand the website’s front-end according to their evolving needs.

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Data Migration

The most significant technical challenge of the project was the migration of the previous WordPress MySQL database to the new website.

This task encompassed over 100 posts in the ‘Design Journal’ section of the website, requiring careful transfer of text, media, and metadata. The goal was to preserve essential content and metadata, which were crucial in maintaining the business’s identity and continuity.