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Developing a Brochure Website for Amory Tower

I had the opportunity to collaborate with creative agency Pollitt & Partners on the development of a brochure website for Amory Tower, a prominent apartment building in Canary Wharf.

The design team at the agency supplied me with their work in Figma, and I independently developed the site from there.


Back-End Organisation

Amory Tower is an impressive 53-storey building with multiple apartment blocks on each floor. The biggest challenge of the project was the organisation and presentation of a complex array of CMS fields to reflect the number and variety of units in the building.

I devised intuitive ways to present the relevant fields in the back-end of the website that allowed easy management of this complex information.

'Building' Page

Scroll Snap Content Blocks

One of the most detailed aspects of the client’s brief was their requirement for scrollable content blocks on the homepage that needed to dynamically ‘snap’ or ‘stick’ to the boundaries of the browser window.

The intention was to ensure that users could explore each aspect of the building fully without inadvertently scrolling past important content.

To achieve this effect, I used CSS scroll snapping, which provided a seamless and intuitive scrolling experience for users.

Homepage 'Scroll Snap' Sections