James Andrew Smith

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The Hoxton


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Website Build for Hotel Chain

During an 8 month freelance role at Feed, a London-based creative agency, I was part of the team responsible for the front-end development of the new website for The Hoxton, an international hotel chain spanning Europe and North America.


Front-End Responsibilities

Among many other modules, I took charge of building the main navigation for the website. This involved complex nesting of semantically correct markup, as well as coding two dynamically moving eyeballs in a ‘BOOK’ button that repositioned according to user cursor position to give the illusion that it was watching the cursor.

Collaborative Development Process

The project was delivered iteratively in sprints, with each front-end developer taking responsibility for their own user stories within that time frame.

I collaborated closely with designers, back-end developers and the quality assurance team during the project in order to consistently produce clean, practical code that performed optimally across all browsers and devices.

Client Feedback

James is diligent and reliable – I always knew he’d get tasks done in time and to a high standard. He takes initiative and just gets on with things. He clearly takes great pride in his work and is passionate about what he does. On top of that, he’s a really sound guy.

He’s a brilliant front-end dev and was an integral part of our team – we were gutted to see him go. Anyone would be lucky to work with James.

Florence Obert (Feed Agency)