James Andrew Smith

My Services

Website Hosting Management

Trusted Website Hosting

As an experienced web developer, I have years of experience providing my clients with a robust hosting service providing optimal website performance, stringent security measures and automated full website backups.

Through the use of powerful hosting features, I offer a range of services that adhere to industry-leading standards – ensuring an uninterrupted and performant online presence for websites I manage.

Full Website Backups

I understand the importance of protecting your website data. I provide regular and automated backups of your entire website, including databases, files, and configurations.

These backups are securely stored in off-site locations, ensuring the resilience and availability of your data.

In the unlikely event of data loss, I am able to swiftly restore your website to its previous state, minimising downtime and preserving uninterrupted operations for your business.

Website Optimisations

The speed and performance of your website significantly impact user experience and search engine rankings. With my in-depth knowledge of web development and hosting technologies, I optimise your website at the server level to ensure the fastest possible loading times.

Through techniques such as advanced caching, content compression, and server configuration optimisations, I greatly enhance your website’s performance. This, in turn, leads to improved search engine visibility, heightened visitor engagement, and increased conversions for your business.

Optimal Website Security

In today’s digital landscape, website security is of paramount importance. I prioritise the protection of your website against hackers and malicious users. I implement robust security measures at the server level to fortify your online presence.

My server setup provides regular software updates, security patches, and advanced firewalls. Continuous monitoring of your website enables swift action against any suspicious activities, ensuring the integrity and security of your online assets.

CDN Management

Delivering a seamless user experience is vital for captivating and retaining visitors. With my experience in Content Delivery Network management, I optimise the delivery of media items on your website.

Through strategic content distribution across geographically dispersed servers, my configurations minimise latency and ensure fast loading times, irrespective of your visitors’ locations. This superior user experience translates into increased engagement, improved search engine rankings, and higher conversions for your business.

Additional Services

In addition to the features outlined above, my hosting services encompass a wide range of capabilities powered by industry-leading technologies. Some of these services include:

  1. Scalability: I provide scalable hosting solutions that seamlessly accommodate increased traffic and growing business needs.
  2. SSL Certificate Integration: Integration of SSL certificates ensures the secure transmission of data, instilling confidence in your visitors while interacting with your website.
  3. Email Hosting: I offer reliable email hosting services, enabling you to have professional email accounts associated with your domain name.
  4. Easy Installs: Simplifying the process of installing popular applications and platforms, I facilitate the quick setup and management of content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and more.
  5. Staging Websites: I am able to provide clients with a separate copy of their live website for testing, development, or making changes without affecting the live site.

Monthly Costs

For a monthly fee of £14.99 for WordPress single sites and £19.99 for WordPress multisites (up to 10 websites), you can take advantage of a comprehensive range of services, all managed for you by a professional web developer – ensuring your peace of mind and a robust online presence.

As a market comparison, website hosting through a web development service can typically cost up to £60 per month. I offer hosting services at significantly lower rates, without compromising on quality or performance.