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Bespoke WordPress Web Build


Karma Logo

HTML5 — SCSS — JQuery — JavaScript — PHP — Design — Fully Responsive — Information Architecture — Bespoke WordPress Theme

01 / The Brief

Design, development and deployment of a bespoke WordPress website and CMS for Karma, a startup whose app enables employees to access credit at low or no interest from their employers in an effort to provide an alternative to costly borrowing and the debt cycle that can result from this.

Karma Responsive Monitor View

▲︎ Landing Page

02 / Approach

The client provided text copy and mockup images of the app. We devised a structure to the information architecture of the site around the text content in a way that best fulfilled the purpose of the website: to present the problem of individual debt and in turn propose the Karma app as a means of mitigating this.

03 / Design

The design revolved around the simple idea of presenting ‘The Problem’ of debt alongside a subverted or ’screwed up’ version of the Karma logo, followed by ’Our Solution’ as the Karma app placed with the circular logo - evoking notions of protection, harmony and a fair balance in the face of the problem of unfair borrow, debt and the consequent sufferings of those experiencing it.

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▲︎ Problem/Solution Section

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▲︎ Benefits Section

04 / Development

The client required specific functionality within the site, in particular user ability to submit their email address to receive information about Karma’s product - and for that content to be easily managed in the back-end by the client.

All technical requirements were delivered as part of a bespoke CMS, which also included regular site backups, security features, and automated image optimisation for client uploads.

Karma Responsive Mobile View
Karma Responsive Tablet View
Karma Responsive Monitor View

▲︎ App Features Section

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