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Brindisa Tapas


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I collaborated with Ignite, a leading global creative agency, to lead the development for the new website for Brindisa Tapas, an acclaimed group of Spanish restaurants and food shops based in London.


Client Requirements

Brindisa Tapas is celebrated for its authentic Spanish cuisine and culinary experiences across various locations in London.

They needed a website that not only showcased their diverse menu offerings but also reflected the vibrant and inviting atmosphere of their establishments.

Restaurant Location Pages

Scope of Work

As the lead developer, collaborating closely with Ignite, I was responsible for crafting a contemporary, intuitive platform that seamlessly aligned with Brindisa’s brand identity.

I integrated functionalities such as menu displays, location maps, and online booking systems. Close attention was paid to optimising the website’s performance through media compression and streamlined code – enhancing both user experience and SEO.

'The Brindisa Story'
Responsive Layouts


The new Brindisa Tapas website now serves as an effective digital hub for the brand, attracting new customers and providing valuable information to existing patrons.

The project was successful in aligning with Brindisa’s vision of sharing the passion and flavours of Spanish cuisine through a dynamic online presence.

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